I’m Dorsey Moore, I'm running for Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley District 4

Dear Friends & Neighbors

I am not a career politician looking to use this position as a stepping stone for higher office, but a community activist with a deep 25-year personal and professional track record of success in environmental protection, agricultural conservation and maximizing return on investment of public funding.

Please take a few moments to browse the campaign website to learn about me and my hopes for our community.

I hope to earn your vote on November 3rd. Please let me know if you have any questions; you can email me.

Thank you.


– Increase protected land holdings and provide public access by building more trails.

– Increase the climate resiliency of our region.

–  Leverage outside funding to be less dependent on jurisdictional funding and collaborate with other agencies to reduce operational expenses and improve the user experience.

Wildlands and Natural Areas

Water Resources

Farms, Ranches and Working Lands

Recreation and Education

Smart Growth Conservation Focus Areas



  • Created the Valley Greenprint, a 30-year vision/roadmap for OSA that identifies goals, priorities, and strategies for land and watershed conservation.
  • Contributed to a three bay area county study on Ecosystem services entitled Healthy Lands & Healthy Economies that details nature’s value in Santa Clara County.
  • Published Understanding Our Community, an assessment of the demographic data and other community attributes to that help OSA to increase community engagement, especially to underserved groups.  This research document is being used to help focus channeling funding and services to underserved communities where we seek ‘deep engagement.’
  • Completed a new study of Coyote Valley Wildlife Linkages conducted by OSA, Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District, and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife that documents the wildlife species moving across the Coyote Valley between the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range.
  • Created a new funding stream of $8M/year to supplement the OSA’s meager $4M annual budget.  The passage of Measure Q in 2014 secured $120M in funding for OSA over 15-years.
  • Used the Measure Q campaign to build a diverse, informed and engaged community.
  • Worked proactively to increase leveraged and match funding from public agencies and private foundations.  In FY 2015-16, OSA successfully leverage $8M in funding to purchase a 2,000-acre portion of critical habitat on Coyote Ridge from Universal Technologies Corporation (UTC) for preservation and enjoyment by the public.
  • Funded non-profit organizations that promote environmental, social and economic justice to underserved communities such as the San Jose Conservation Corps, California Conservation Corps, Latino Outdoors, Veggielution and many others.
  • Created a new grant funding program to create healthy and safe parks and open space areas in urban areas.
  • Worked to acquire in fee title and easement high-value properties in critical areas such as Coyote Ridge, Coyote Valley, agricultural land along the Pajaro River to keep it in active cultivation while working to regenerate the land to maximize the co-benefits to our community.
  • Taken a stand to protect the remaining agricultural lands in Coyote Valley and south county areas under threat of development.  We have worked collaboratively with cities like Morgan Hill to show them how to create a agricultural land mitigation program.  We have worked to be a convener of different stakeholder groups to come together to understand the challenges and work collaboratively for solutions.
  • We have worked collaboratively with a long list of organizations to establish common goals and share information and resources to maximize our impact.  Groups include: County Parks, POST, Sempervirens Fund, The Nature Conservancy, resource conservation districts, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, MPROSD, CGF, Greenbelt Alliance, SPUR, Habitat Valley Agency, Cattleman’s Association, Farm Bureau, Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers, SCVWD (for joint ecosystem services, Coyote Valley watershed projects), the City of San Jose (for resource management assistance)
  • We have committed funds to Bill’s Backyard the Children’s Discovery Museum’s new outdoor exploration area for kids, the Five Wounds Trail acquisition and Martial Cottle Park.


I hope to earn your vote on November 3rd.